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Frequently asked questions

Answer: Raspado derives from the word “raspa” which “to scrape”, in Spanish. Originating in Mexico, and extremely popular in Tucson, Arizona, the raspado is made with crunchy ice (like a snow cone), and topped with fresh fruit puree, fruit and condensed milk. Whereas shave ice has a consistency finer and more pillowy, like freshly fallen snow. It allows the ice to absorb the flavor more evenly thanks to its plethora of super tiny ice bits, unlike a raspado or snow cone, where the syrup so often drains to the bottom.

Sweetie’s Shave Ice and Raspados has brought the two worlds together, where one could enjoy the fine fluffy snow with fresh fruit raspado puree, such as fresh fruit mango, strawberry, lime, pineapple and horchata OR the classic “snow cone” syrups such as cherry, blue raspberry and Tiger’s Blood, just to name a few. We also offer yummy toppings and ice cream.

Answer: We recommend sweet condensed milk (lechera), whip cream, or our fluff. We also highly recommend adding a scoop of ice cream to the middle for some delicious creaminess.

Answer: Yes, we offer our sugar-free syrup flavors. The come in Tiger’s Blood, Mango, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Cherry. All our sugar free syrups are made with Monk Fruit. Our shave ice syrups flavors do not contain dairy. We also offer mango sorbet and rainbow sorbet, which contain no dairy.

Answer: No, we also sell a variety of ice cream, paletas, milkshakes, aqua frescas and snacks such as nachos, corn in a cup and cheesy Cheetos!